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FEA Meshing

We have a highly certified team FE Modeling and meshing, engineers at VERTEX Engineering that can provide you with excellent FE Meshing services for any project that you have. Our exceptional skills are matched by our experience and technology to speed up your product development process through all.
We offering FE meshing in deferent area as below.
FE Modeling in Shell Mesh with connection of 2d shell elements:
• various types of CAB.
• various types of Chassis.
• various types of Frames.
• Balers, Combines, Auger Blades, Grain Tank, Hood, Track harvester,
• Sieves and Tubes,
• Loader Arms with buckets, Augers
• Instrument Panel.
• Bumpers.
• Tunnel Console assemblies
• Cockpit Parts
• Seat
• Doors
• Mirror assembly
FE Modeling in Hexahedral Mesh:
• Heat Exchanger Chiller Panel
• Seat (cushion Foam, Back Foam and Head Rest Foam),
• Recliner parts with welding joints and Helix parts.
• Automobile hubs
FE Modeling in Tetrahedral Mesh:
• Tractor Axle Assemblies
• Gear Boxes
• Air Intake Manifold
• Other automobile and casting parts.